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Most important, we are ready to provide you with the following services:

� Complete export assistance package. We accept bank L/C�s and ensure exported products are meeting your detailed quality and design aspects, and we prepare shipping documents according to your requirement.

� Integration of shipments of different carpet qualities from various local suppliers so that you are not limited to one supplier only and can choose among a variety of Syrian suppliers and qualities.

� In case you would like to visit, we provide meeting services where we can pick you up from the airport or from Gazi Antep city and have our driver and translator be with you all the time and join you on factory trips and business meetings and negotiations. Of course additional services can be included such as discount hotel bookings, secretarial services, etc..

� We can either act as an exporter / seller � or as middle man and let the factory negotiation to be done directly by your side. Either way we are very open and transparent

� We have our own state-of-the-art NedGraphics carpet design software and our own design office which enables us to produce or modify your own designs, or, to give you our own designs which we guarantee to be reserved exclusively to you once committed.

The different carpet qualities which we are able to supply currently are as following:
PP-BCF � 5 to 6 colors
Acrylic -
PP-Heat Setted � 5 to 6 colors
From 1200. g/m2 to 2000. g/m2 and could be more according to your wish

Yarns which go into the manufacturing of our carpets are produced on the most advanced yarn machinery today such are Neumag, Volkmann, and Superba as well as modern VDW carpet weaving machines.
Our objective is to have continuous and growing business with you. We are confident that you will be fully satisfied with us, and we look forward to receiving your first enquiry soon.

Samples available upon demand

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